For example, you can configure your own website and add ads next to their content - which is how most blogs (including this one) are based. The other option is freelance - you can have a well-established niche as a writer to join their site, and you have to pay in advertising revenue himself a monthly salary or sometimes per share.
Then you have a number of popular sites like eHow, HubPages, Squidoo, Associated Content, Examiner and Google Knol, working on a similar model - you can write content for almost any topic and get paid on a revenue sharing basis . A great advantage when writing on these sites is that you need to concentrate on creating great content and rest everything - including Article Design, SEO, hosting, etc. - is taken care by the service.
VideoJug, one of the most popular such websites is known for its quality, is also getting into the game "with user generated content" with the launch of VideoJug pages - it is a place where all how-to article write in their favorite subjects and paid per impression.
The system works something like this. You write an article on how to do that VideoJug pages with your Tumblr style editor online and post them online. VideoJug are ads on the page of Google Add (with your AdSense ID), eBay (with your username) and your own image ads. They are 100% to get AdSense and eBay revenue, while revenue from display ads will be shared in the ratio of 50:50. Not bad!

There is a very interesting feature that I think is unique in the VideoJug service - you can have multiple people contribute to your article how to do it and advertising revenues are shared directly below them on VideoJug. Every article has 100 points, you can go to various contributors on the basis of contributions by some of these points and therefore its revenue share is the same as the number of points they have.
The amount of money you can make through articles in these pages is not enough for you, even when you leave your job, but if his writings invite large number of eyeballs, you can probably pay part of your electric bill online result.