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Made from natural minerals lava that are fused and bonded together at the molecular level - using the latest in quantum science to produce Scalar energy.

The Quantum Pendant utilizes specialized quantum physics, geometry and vibration harnessing technologies to help synergize the power of the human body's bio-energy system and allows it to run with optimum performance. Known as chi, or life force energy in some cultures, it runs through meridian points in our body. The Quantum Pendant's technology actually helps to repel interference frequencies that block the free flow of this energy throughout the body. Similar to upping the watts in a light bulb...the Quantum Pendant helps to instantly and dramatically increase the connectivity, flow and communication of your energy system! By simply wearing the Quantum Pendant, you will experience a charge of mental focus, strength and endurance.

Quantum Science

Quantum Pendant is created from technically engineered natural mineral particles which are specifically graded to isolate certain sized particles, targeted for their inherent resonance. The particles are then recombined using Nano Fusion technology in specific ratios, fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level by using several high heat fusion methods.
The combination of the minerals and the fusion techniques produces a catalytic conversion of energy, developing a long lasting natural scalar resonance which has the ability to be transferred to any liquid, renewing the natural nano molecular structure.
The renewed molecular structure is similar to those found in healthy natural spring water. Like fruit and vegetables the body slowly loses its nano molecular structure, as we age the cells have less ability to absorb liquid, the cell can be re-hydrated at a molecular level to provide energy liquid, using the Quantum Pendant.
Quantum Pendants are non- magnetic, not electrical and require no maintenance. They emit a scalar energy field including the essential k40 resonance; they are inert and are not radioactive.

Quantum Science Pendant - Health Benefits

* Reduces inflammation
* Promotes unclumping of cells
* Enhances circulation
* Enhances immune and endocrine systems
* Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria
* Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification
* Enhances cellular permeability
* Increases energy
* Helps to protect DNA from damage
* Helps to retard the ageing process
* Helps to fight cancer cells
* Strengthens the body's biofield preventing
   electro-magnetic waves from affecting one's health
* Increases focus and concentration

What is really wrong with our water, today?

More and more people are hearing the expression, "our tap water is dead water". Its common knowledge, of course, that our waterways, lakes, reservoirs and running water supplies are polluted willfully and unintentionally through mankinds many activities, habits and technologies. We already know much about the health risks in chlorinated drinking water, dangers that became more widely acknowledged as we approached the end of the last millennium. Yet, still, little is commonly known about the actual energised forces at work in clean, naturally-flowing, vibrant water; which enable it to so effectively perform its functions. Before we explore further, let us remind the reader of an underlying essential function of water.

An Essential Function of Water

One of the primary functions of water at a cellular level is to carry nutrients to organisms, and to efficiently carry away and dilute waste products. Water has also been referred to as "nature's universal solvent". It is needed by all life forms and ecologies, and by every major sustaining activity and industry of mankind.
In times past, water was deeply respected, often revered, as the essential fluid to all life - in the stages of conception, birth, growth, and sustenance, and to the healing of disease. Many naturalists, healers and scientists have spent their lives in consuming studies of the properties and essence of water – however, depending upon the breadth of their perception of the universal order of things, this has resulted in many conflicting and confusing schools of belief on the definition of truly healthy water.
What is Energised Water?

Energised water is ‘alive’ water, a living, functioning organism in itself. Tests with an Ohmmeter have shown that ‘alive’ water increases the energy level in the body of someone who has just been consuming such water. Photographs of the photon activity in water display a dramatic increase in the luminescence or light output once the water has been treated with Quantum Pendant. This increases photosynthesis (energy) in life forms that take up this water. Mankind has largely failed to understand this essential quality of health-giving, totally functioning water.

Energised water is water that has been given a highly orderly structure by natural magnetic forces found within the earth and from planetary magnetic forces, and allowed to come to the Earth's surface via its preferred, natural pathways - in mountain springs, clean, natural rivers, naturally-occurring wells, and suchlike. Water always flows in an inwardly spiraling fashion whenever it is can - in a vortex or implosion course. Whether surface flowing or underground, non-manipulated water seeks its natural course - the path of least resistance and the path of maximum nutrition; witness the flow of a river as it moves in a serpentine fashion. The great natural scientist and thinker, Viktor Schauberger of Austria had the title “The Water Wizard” bestowed upon him for his ground breaking observations as to the true nature and inherent functions of water – the secrets of the vortex.

When we drink or wash in this fresh, clear water from these unadulterated sources, we feel refreshed and very energised. There have been countless healing effects observed and documented in respect to many natural springs and rivers found all around the globe. Examples are the waters of Lourdes and the Ganges River (regardless of its seemingly polluted state!), Fatima and Medjugorje. Photographs of the photon emissions and molecular clusters of these waters show an intensely active, light-filled and cohesive structure in all cases.

Quantum Pendant energised water is potentialised, cohesive water. The dynamic forces programmed for action within energised water may be transferred to living beings (man, animal or plant life). These dynamics are to be found not in the chemical structure of this water, but in its physical structure, on the level of its molecule groups.
The quality of water is derived from its physical structure, its underlying geometry and the frequencies that it has stored. As a result of the special physical parameters of energised water, various reaction processes producing positive effects are made possible. These many beneficial effects allow the widest conceivable possibilities of application, such as the re-energising of damaged water supplies. To fully understand what is meant by the term "damaged" water, we must first understand certain fundamental principles about the activity in water at the molecular level.

Subtle Energy Vibrations in Energised Water, Resonance and Memory of Water

We have mentioned above that the quality of water is derived from its structure and polarity. This is influenced by magnetic resonances and other “subtle energy” resonances exposed to the water, which then are transferred into the water itself.
Even on the molecular level, water is very much an alive, animated substance. Oxygen and hydrogen form a solid body, yet an amazingly restless and excited mass. In every drop of water, electrical charges cause a never-ending colliding, joining and breaking apart of particles, (all at a rate of billions of such movements per second), as the water molecule perpetually fluctuates between the hexagonal and the spherical shape. This same "molecular dance" happens in all live water, whether within the cellular fluid or within the rainbow or storm cloud. The permanent striving for the spherical or pyramidal shape is caused by the unstable angle of 104.5 degrees, in which the hydrogen and oxygen atoms cling to each other. At a temperature below 0 Celsius, there is a tendency towards the hexagon shape, while above 0 degrees the tendency is towards the spherical shape of the water molecules. This results in a perpetual back and forth fluctuation of the structure or form of the molecule, at this difficult-to-imagine, very rapid pace, and therefore there will always be a vibration, "a never-ending, microscopic whirling dance" in all water. Consequently, researchers speak of the "open structure" of the water, a quality that allows it to comply with other elements and at the same time to dissolve them.

Water combines with almost everything it comes in contact with. Consequently, there is not such a thing as "pure" water in nature. It is always "imprinted" by momentary contact with air, or contact with any surface or substance. It is influenced and changed by such, because of its innate "memory" - that is, water’s ability to retain residual vibrations of all substances contacting that water. Beneficial physical properties are produced in the water by its exposure to beneficial vibrations such as sunlight. Solar radiation results in an acceleration of the vibration of the water molecules, as they absorb energised oxygen, C02 and warmth. Harmful frequencies from water's exposure to chemicals or heavy metals are left to linger in water after its contact with those harmful substances, even if such substances have been removed from the water through filtering, reverse osmosis, distillation, etc.

Through this vibrational ‘memory effect’, or ‘magnetic resonance’, information of a contaminant, including information of polarity is retained in the water molecule via its vibrations. This memory effect is sustained long after the disappearance of the contaminant from the water. The only known way of reversing this memory effect is through vibrational re-energising of the water. The direction of spin or rotation of the molecule itself is corrected, and its velocity can be accelerated in a dextrose or right-hand direction. We can say this also for any living thing, as all living things contain large percentages of water.

Until recently, ‘electro-smog’ was not understood in its role in causing the desirable, complex molecular clusters in water to disassociate. Electro-smog is the result of the almost non-stop saturation of the atmosphere by man-made frequency transmissions – radar, satellites, short wave, medium wave, cellular phone transmitters – the list goes on. Most scientific analysts hold up machines not sufficiently sophisticated to detect the impact of these waveforms upon living organisms, and conclude that electro-smog is not a major issue. Unfortunately, this is a ‘machine to machine’ reading (the impact of the output of one machine as registered on another machine), and this does not address the more subtle impacts of electro-smog. One should not use a thermometer to measure how tall one is, or at least to draw a conclusion about one’s height after taking one’s temperature!Magnetism

Magnetism simply means power and information (energy) that runs from one pole to another. The universe, life forms and all of creation are built upon this principle of positive (plus) and negative (minus) poles. There are three different types of magnetic forces known in the universe:

1. Material Magnetism: evident in iron's storage of permanent magnetism and in the North Pole / South Pole earth magnetism. This is a limited type of magnetism, related to a place, whereby only certain energy flow and therefore only particular materials (e.g. iron) can be attracted or repelled.

2. Gravity Magnetism: is related to space and time and involves various types of energy flow and the attraction of all materials.

3. Planetary Magnetism: (some times referred to as Scalar energy) the highest degree of magnetism, which governs the order of all creation in the universe, carrying information on life and heredity found in seeds, eggs and sperm cells; and planetary forces or energies such as of the sun or moon. This higher order of magnetism bears no relation to time or space, and programs all of Nature to absorb certain energies of information on life and heredity.

This controls, for example, the inevitable growth of a properly nurtured carrot seed into a carrot plant, such that this seed cannot become a turnip or any other type of plant. This planetary magnetism is related to the widely accepted energy humanity has named Life Force or Chi, or Prana - necessary for the existence of all life.

Different energies are produced through a combined action between the positive and negative of various magnetic forces. Energies are never actually generated, but rather simply transformed, through these combined and synergistic actions of the positive and negative polarities of the different magnetic forces explained above. This is why different matter emits different magnetic fields or magnetic resonances, or "vibrations". It is this principle that is used in the process of re-energising dead water.

To refer back to the statement "magnetism simply means power and information" (i.e.. energy), what are the primary carriers of this energy to all matter? Water, of course. Water constantly transmits and receives the energies and information throughout all matter on or around the earth, indeed to all living things.

Similar to all living beings, the earth is made up of about 80% water. In the case of harmed or 'dead' water, the all-important energetic (magnetic/polarity) functions of water for the proper functioning of all life forms are rendered defective or sometimes nonexistent.
What is Damaged Water?

Damaged water is “dead” water; water that has had the health-giving and beneficial sub molecular oscillations ("vibrations") removed from it through various forms of man's aggression, such as:
* Being forced through turbines at large reservoir exit points preceding the pipelines,
* Being forced through miles of straight, narrow, high-pressure pipes in an abnormal motion,
* Being poisoned through chlorination and other pollution, heavy metals, etc.
* Being bombarded with electro-smog.

The potent yet subtle energies that the natural, healthy water had incorporated in to its physical structure through absorption of sunlight and moonlight and its exposure to beneficial underground magnetic fields are lost in the above processes. It is lost through friction, incompatible carrying processes, electro-smog and chemical poisoning. Unfortunately, due to the memory impairment sustained by all water, these losses of energy in damaged water are becoming cumulative, around the planet. When we add to this energy depletion problem the increasing load of countless pollutants on our sick water supplies, (including chlorine and other biocides killing the much-needed beneficial microbes) the end result is chronic deterioration of the environment.

The above-mentioned "memory effect" phenomenon of water is observed on the molecular vibration level, as being present even in thoroughly or chemically cleansed water. We can keep scrubbing water with more chlorine, bromine, ozone, etc. Nevertheless, after such treatments, it is still "damaged water". It continues to bear and transfer residual sub molecular information (sometimes called "subtle energy vibrational effect") from chemicals that were previously present in it, and oscillations from all the other impositions exerted upon it by our ‘modern’ infrastructures.
What can we do to restore this dead water? The answers have been coming to us from visionary naturalists and quantum-scientists since the latter part of the last century, several of whom have discovered the nature of the processes that energised the water in its natural flows, (i.e. inwards, in a vortex fashion) and how to reinstate these energised, positive energies.
What is Re-energised Water?

In plain terms, re-energisation of water simply restores its natural energies. Re-energised water is ‘spin’ restructured water, whereby the polarity of the water molecules and the contaminants are reversed. This will bring back the beneficial vibratory qualities of this water supply without actually filtering or removing harmful substances. The directional spin of the electrons determines polarity. Counterclockwise = positive polarity & clockwise = negative polarity.
Some of the properties of energised water are:
* Lowering of surface tension closer to that of cellular water (an indication of increased internal orderliness).
* The density also changes, and therefore the freezing and boiling points.
* The water becomes a more efficient carrier, delivering nutrients and bearing away wastes more efficiently from the systems of all living things.
* It is a better cleanser and does not irritate the skin as dead water often does.
* The flavour is always altered to a much more pleasant, fresh taste.
* The water appears clearer.

Molecular Structures and Taste

ALL Liquids (In this case WINE)

On the palate, normal wine fills the taste buds with every atom's flavour. As each atom behaves as an individual, the taste buds cannot focus on a given taste, thus allowing acids to overwhelm the palate. The individual atoms 'off gassing' also can confuse the aroma sensors.
Molecular Structured Liquids (In this case WINE)

The quantum suspension of the ‘free radical atoms’ in any liquid or wine allows the taste buds to select the ‘preferred taste’ in the liquid / wine. This allows the human taste receptors to ‘select’ what they prefer thus making the liquid / wine smoother tasting, the molecular structures soften the acid effect of the liquid / wine, fills’ the palate with exactly what the ‘taste receptors’ prefer. E.g. every individual tasting the molecular structured liquid / wine will prefer the liquid / wine to any other.

The molecular chain within the liquid / wine refracts more light in the liquid improving colour balances. The surface tension of the liquid / wine is also removed.
The bouquet of the liquid / wine is rounder and less sharp because the human smell receptors only select the aroma they prefer!

In the stomach the molecular structure holds the minerals / alcohol and tannins in quantum suspension; the effect is to reduce the side effects of the unwanted minerals / alcohol.
Improved taste

This is because our body’s own molecular structure (DNA) can ‘link’ with the liquids biotechnology molecular structure via the taste bud sensors. Instead of having to taste every part of the liquid, the taste buds only taste ‘select what they like’. In molecular structured liquids all the ‘free radicals’ have been suspended in quantum suspension which allows the taste buds to ‘sample’. Therefore the individual who prefers SWEET tastes will taste sweet atoms and those who prefer BITTER tastes will taste bitter atoms.

Less acidic

recognise the negative in the liquid only the positive. On the other hand if we are attuned to enjoying high levels of acid then Quantum suspension of the minerals locks in the acidic nature of a liquid into a molecular structure. This allow individuals to taste what they like as the receiving taste buds will reject any over powering acid or accept them as they prefer. The pH remains the same yet it has no effect on the other living tissue. For instance, orange juice with a molecular structure can be rubbed in the eyes because the living DNA does not we will taste them all!


A molecular structure provides body cells with more ability to absorb water, increasing ‘hydration’ Locked within the natural molecular structure are thousands of molecular clusters. The body organs can hydrate and absorb liquid more easily. In addition the surface tension of the water has been removed (bio film) which adds to the hydration effect. Water also tastes fresher.

Energised Water has Increased Oxygen potential

Increasing oxygen in the blood cells increases energy levels. The natural molecular structure locks in the oxygen and other gases within the liquid into quantum suspension. These gases cannot evaporate, as they are part of the liquid. This in turn allows our body’s DNA to absorb oxygen at much higher levels than can be found in other liquids.

Energised Water detoxifies body organs

As the body can absorb more liquid, it can also detoxify quicker. Because the liquid is now in a molecular structure, the body cannot only reject negatives but the body’s aged sedimentation can be easily ‘linked’ to the new molecular chain and is swept away. For example, kidney stones are dissolved.

Energised Water may reduce the effects of alcohol on the body
Because the alcohol is ‘locked into’ the molecular structure the body can reject much more. In most cases, many people report they can drink twice as much without becoming intoxicated. In all cases, the ‘hang over effect’ is removed.

Energised Water directly benefits long haul flight passengers – reduced jet lag
Increasing hydration and removing Electro-Smog effects enhances the body’s functions. Increasing oxygen levels within the blood stream while in flight improves the body’s ability to withstand ‘long haul’ flights.

                              Non hertzian
                              Circular energy field
                              Expands & Fills environment
                              Static form of energy
                              Present in universe/Nature
                              Can be created from EMS
Benefits Of Scalar Energy:-
                              Reduces inflamation
                              Reduces clumping of cells
                              Improves circulation
                              Improves Endocrine and immune system level>Up to 149%
                              Increase energy level
                              Protect from DNA Damage
                              Slows Down ageing
                              Fights cancer cells
                              Protect from unhealthy EM Waves
                              Induces relaxation & concentration
Other benefits- 
                             Reduction or elimination of chlorine odor and taste from the water
                              Improved plant growth and seed germination
                              Prevents corrosion of piping systems,hot water
                              tanks,dishwashers,air conditioning units,heating systems,ice
                              machines  etc.
                              Enhances the taste of food and beverages.
                              Helps to improve sleep.
                              Has a calming effect and increases mental cognition.
                              Reduces stress levels.
                              Increases oxygen intake of the blood.
                              Increasing lathering ability of soap,shampoo,detergent etc.
                              Detoxify body organs
                              Reduces joint pains
                              Relieve migraines
                              SMOKERS- Prevents the tar content from cigarettes
                              dissipating in your body.
                              It has been known to help patients diagnosed with cancer (Barron
                              Assists with kidney aliments
                              No jet leg and dissolve Gout crystallization.
Quantum Pendant is made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level. It produces Scalar Energy that helps to enhance your body's biofield. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body this pendant helps you to maintain your health and well being.
 Scalar energy is a unique form of energy that will embed itself into objects in its field. .When these products are ingested, the healthy energy is transferred to cells where the component nutrients end up. One of the key benefits this provides is that it helps keep the electrical charge across cell membranes at an optimal level. This means that nutrients move in and wastes move out of cells at peak efficiency, with obvious benefits to the functioning of the cells. Over time, with regular consumption of scalar enhanced supplements, the energy levels of tissues, organs, and the body as a whole are raised, promoting overall health and vitality. Let’s take a more detailed look at what scalar energy is all about.
Life is characterized by energy. All cells produce and maintain an electrical charge across their membranes. Nerve impulses are actually small electric currents. Contraction of muscles is caused by the creation of chemical energy. Enzymes, proteins that speed up and facilitate the breakdown of food particles, clearing and repair of injured tissues, and specialized activities within cells, have been described as carriers of energy.
Energy itself isn’t good or bad, but it can be used in ways that help or harm. Electric currents can be used to stimulate inactive muscles and promote healing, or they can be used to execute people. Lasers can be used to improve vision, or to blind enemy combatants. Nuclear energy can be used to eliminate cancerous growths, or to destroy entire cities. It all depends on how the energy is used.

The forms of energy we are familiar with include light, heat, sound, and electricity. These types of energy have both particle and wavelike properties, and they can be measured in terms of amplitude and frequency. They are known as transverse waves. Magnetism is an energy field that surrounds a moving electrical current, and can be detected by its effect on conductive metals.
Scalar energy is closer in its properties to magnetism. It is composed of 5-dimensional standing waves. Instead of being focused in beams or running along wires, it tends to fill its environment. It does not lose intensity as it moves away from the source, which is not true of magnetism or heat. It passes through solid objects and implants its signature on them. This means that scalar energy can embed itself into supplement products, and that energy can be transferred into your body’s cells when you ingest scalar enhanced supplements. Also, scalar energy can regenerate and repair itself indefinitely, so once the energy is embedded in your body, you can keep it there by regular ingestion of scalar enhanced products.
There are many benefits from the energy carried into cells by scalar enhanced supplements. The surface tension of enhanced products is reduced, making them easier for the body to assimilate. And remember, scalar energy is readily transferred from product to cell.
The electrical charge generated across cell membranes is brought up to optimal levels. This allows nutrients to move into the cell and wastes to move out with maximum efficiency. Overall body energy increases as each of the trillions of cells are energized.
Scalar energy strengthens chemical bonds within DNA, making it more resistant to damage.
Blood is cleansed and its cellular elements function as they should.
Immune function improves 149%.
There is improved mental focus, with increased amplitude of all EEG frequencies, but particularly the lower ones.
The 2 halves of the brain become more balanced, again shown by EEG’s. It creates an antidepressant effect by direct action on neurotransmitter movement.

Scalar energy has some other amazing properties. It can actually be stronger weeks or months after being embedded into high quality products. It repairs itself after disruptive exposure to X-rays. It passes itself on to products or items placed nearby. It can cancel out the harmful effects of 60 cycle currents as we have in homes and buildings, electromagnetic fields, radiation, and microwaves.

These products are not a medical device, and not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation,treatment, or prevention of disease.

What is Scalar energy?

This is the new world of scalar electromagnetism, the zero-point energy, the energy of the absolute nothingness which existed before the world began.

These new waves of energy are called "longitudinal" EM (electromagnetism) to distinguish them
from "transverse" EM, the kind we are familiar with in our daily life, which power our cell phones
 and pagers, television and radio broadcasts, microwave ovens, and so on. Rather than
modulating in 3-dimensions they are modulating in the direction they are going, accordion-like,
that is, along the axis of time, the 4th dimension.

This new discovery in the new field of "scalar electromagnetic" is the discovery that time itself is
compressed energy, compressed by the factor of the speed-of-light-squared.  As shown by
Einstein's E = mc2, matter itself is also compressed energy, and compressed by the same
 factor as scalar energy is compressed in time.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is generally considered the father of scalar electromagnetic. Tesla's name for this
 energy, also called "scalar energy" or "zero-point" energy was "Radiant Energy." He made a free
 energy device called the "Tesla turbine," and even converted an automobile to run on
the "radiant energy.

Through scalar electromagnetic it will become possible to engineer physical reality directly,
even to engineering at the molecular level, creating new "impossible" molecules and even
transmuting elements. It will be possible to make radioactive waste non-radioactive.
This new science will unlock the secret of gravity, and thereby the secret of anti-gravity
 allowing us to manufacture our own "UFOs." It will allow the cure of cancer and Aids.

 Four most important implications of the discovery of
 longitudinal waves:

1. Oil-wars are completely unnecessary. There is endless energy available freely from
 the domain of time.

2. Unbelievably powerful weapons are not only possible, but are already operating in several
 nations.  These weapons are unprecedented and mind-boggling.

3. The cure of diseases such as cancer and AIDS has become possible within a few years
 of sufficient funding. Everyone can be made healthy and stay healthy.

4. Mind control on a mass scale has now become possible, and the machines to do it are
already in place in certain nations.

 What are the properties of Scalar Energy?

The properties of Scalar Energy include them being non-linear and non-Hertzian. This energy
 form has the capacity to carry information. It also does not decay with the passing of
time or distance.
Scalar Energy cannot be measured by contemporary frequency instruments as it is depicted
 to be without frequency. This energy form is static, a stationary form of energy. When two similar
 frequencies coming from opposite directions meet, they cancel each other out. This results in
a stationary energy form.
The traditional understanding of energy is that it flows out in the form of waves. However, Scalar
Energy does not radiate as waves but expands outward in circles of energy. Occupying space,
 this spatial mass is not a vacuum but comprises a field of energy systems that is alive.
This vibrant and dynamic energy field radiates a network of harmoniously balanced energies.
Scalar energy can be created naturally. It is always existent in the universe. By applying the
conditions required, Scalar Energy can be created artificially.

How Scalar Energy works in our body?

It is a commonly accepted fact that the brain works with the nervous system to control the various
 functions of the body’s organs and systems. The nervous system is extremely sensitive to
electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) from the environment. Most electrical equipment (television,
computers, mobile phone and microwave) radiate 60 HZ frequencies and is able to interfere
 with the proper function of the nervous system.

High voltage cables also emit EMF that has a negative effect on the human body. There is growing
evidence in the medical field that links diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s with these
man-made EMF. Medical investigations and studies are also pointing out that symptoms
such as headaches, lack of concentration, depression, hyperactivity in children, sleep
disturbances and others could be the result of EMF.

Scalar Energy’s expansive and circular movement offers a field of protective shield around the
body. This protective shield removes and cancels the effects of man-made frequencies
(60 HZ) on the human body. This is achieved by enhancing the body’s natural defenses
against the damaging radiations coming from the various household and industrial
appliances that surround us.

The brain has its own vibrations. The human brain uses these vibrations to communicate
within itself and with the rest of the body. There are 4 classifications of brainwaves – Beta,
Alpha, Theta and Delta. Scalar Energy is able to promote Alpha wave frequency in the brain.
The brain then resonates at the same vibration as the earth’s energy field and is able to
amplify these vibrations. If this frequency is transmitted throughout the body, this could assist
the cells in the body achieve a particular resonance which is essential to optimum health.
 Scalar energy also promotes a mind that is relaxed, more coherent, focused and sharp with
improved clarity.

What are Benefits from Scalar Energy?

There are many benefits from the energy carried into cells by scalar enhanced supplements.
 The surface tension of enhanced products is reduced, making them easier for the body to
assimilate. And remember, scalar energy is readily transferred from product to cell. The
 electrical charge generated across cell membranes is brought up to optimal levels.  This
 allows nutrients to move into the cell and wastes to move out with maximum efficiency.
Overall body energy increases as each of the trillions of cells are energized. Scalar energy
strengthens chemical bonds within DNA, making it more resistant to damage. Blood is cleansed
and its cellular elements function as they should. Immune function improves. There is improved
mental focus, with increased amplitude of all EEG frequencies, but particularly the lower ones.
The 2 halves of the brain become more balanced, again shown by EEG’s. It creates an
antidepressant effect by direct action on neurotransmitter movement.

Scalar energy has some other amazing properties. It can actually be stronger weeks or
months after being embedded into high quality products. It repairs itself after disruptive
exposure to X-rays. It passes itself on to products or items placed nearby.  It can cancel out the
 harmful effects of 60 cycle currents as we have in homes and buildings, electromagnetic
fields, radiation, and microwaves.

All Life is Energy
All life is energy. Every nerve impulse in your body is an electric current. Our muscles are
powered by chemical energy. Every cell in your body is a mini-battery pumping out 70-90
millivolts—when healthy.
Optimize that Energy and You Optimize Your Health
 Energy is neither good nor bad; It’s just a question of what frequency and amplitude you use
and how you use it. And the same is true of all forms of energy. You may charge your body
with the right Frequencies to Prevent Disease. The energy use is merely of what frequency
 and amplitude.
The Nature of Energy
All of the energy that we normally think of is characterized by both particle and wavelike
properties. The waveform of all these energies can be graphed as a Hertzian wave
(either in the form of a sine wave or a step wave).

We’re talking about everything from electricity to magnetism, from light to sound. The only
difference between all of these forms of energy is how fast the waves rise and fall (the frequency)
and how intense those rises and falls are (their amplitude).

Scalar Energy
Several years ago, I discovered and developed the Barron Effect, which incorporates the
 principle of energy enhancement to modify the physical structure of herbs during the tincture
manufacturing process. The net result is herbal tinctures that are over 100% stronger than
anything the world has previously seen. In a sense, the use of scalar energy to enhance the
 effectiveness of nutritional products or create healing devices out of pendants and patches
 is an extension of that effect—but at the same time is an entirely different animal. Understand,
scalar energy has existed since the beginning of time; however,it’s only recently that scientists
have discovered and begun to make use of it. It was actually back in the mid 1800’s that the
 existence of scalar energy was first proposed in a series of 4 groundbreaking equations
 by the Scottish mathematician, James Clerk Maxwell. The key to his equations—what makes
 them remarkable in history -- is that they proposed for the first time the existence of scalar energy
 (one of several names since applied to the energy described in his equation).
It was almost a half century later before Nicola Tesla actually was able to demonstrate the
existence of scalar energy. When Tesla died, he took the secret of scalar generation with him,
and it took almost another full century before science was once again able to demonstrate,
positively, the existence of scalar energy and begin an exploration of its potential.
What Are Scalar Waves?
The standard definition of scalar waves is that they are created by a pair of identical (or replicant)
waves (usually called the wave and its antiwave) that are in phase spatially, but out of phase
temporally. That is to say, the two waves are physically identical, but out of phase in terms of
 time. The net result is that scalar waves are a whole different animal from normal Hertzian
waves. They even look different—like an infinitely projected mobius pattern on axis.
In the "New Age" community there has been much talk of the benefit of things like Tachyons,
Radionics, and Pyramids, etc. Analysis shows that these are all, at heart, most likely scalar
 generating (or harvesting) devices.
Healing Energy
 Now that we have some background, we're ready to move on, but first, a quick review of what
we now know.
  • It’s all about energy. We are fundamentally energy beings.
  • The application of energy (its beneficial or harmful effects) is primarily determined by
  •  the frequency of that energy and its intensity.
  • There are essentially two different kinds of energy we’re working with: standard
  • electromagnetic energy (light, heat, sound, etc. -- that is most everything we’re
  • familiar with) and scalar energy as described above.
From here, it’s an easy extrapolation to see that there are really only five different ways that
you can apply healing energy to the body.
  • Wearing or using a device or scalar energy pendant  that functions as an antenna
  • and draws selected healing frequencies out of the “ether.”
  • Direct application of energy to the human body.
  • Embedding energy in a supplement, pendant, or patch, etc.
  • Using specially designed materials to selectively concentrate and reflect back healing
  •  frequencies generated by the body itself.
  • The laying on of hands
So with that in mind, let’s take a look on the example of a  Scalar Energy Pendant which is
a kind of Embedding energy in a pendant.
Embedding   It’s quite easy to “embed” a set healing frequency in a product or object. If you use
 scalar energy, the frequency will tend to stay in the object indefinitely (unless overridden by a
stronger frequency). This can be done with objects you wear such as Scalar energy pendant.
 And, in fact, the Scalar energy pendant  is that the frequency is preset. It’s not variable. But in
exchange, it offers three huge advantages.
1.      It’s incredibly convenient
2.      It delivers day in, day out
3.      It tends to be very cost effective
 4.    It is durable and  last for a life time
Do the scalar energy pendant  work to help healing ? The answer appears to be YES!  Some
barely, but others quite significantly. It should be noted that charges hold better in products
that contain living matter and minerals. In other words, Scalar pendant that containing  ionic
 minerals like Volcano Lava are suitable for scalar charging.

Reflecting (8 Hz resonant frequency)
One of the more interesting delivery systems is seen in  "Scalar energy" pendants”. The principle
 is simple. At all times, your body is generating a complete spectrum of energies and frequencies
 – from the very beneficial to the not so beneficial. What the reflecting devices do is selectively
block a pre-chosen beneficial frequency from escaping, focus it, concentrate it, then feed it back
into the body. Does this work? Absolutely. It absolutely is possible to concentrate and reflect the
body’s own energy to promote healing (subject, of course, to the effectiveness of the design of the
 particular device). But as with everything else mentioned above, it has to be the right frequency.
(Incidentally, that’s why so many devices use the 8 Hz resonant frequency of the earth known
as the Schumann Resonance. This frequency absolutely works, and it’s beneficial, and it
always offers a “safe choice.” Some of the new healing pendants appear to be using this
kind of delivery system.
Curiously enough, although the medical community has a particular antipathy when it comes
to “new age” “healing energy devices,” it uses similar devices itself.
What is radiation therapy itself but the direct application of high intensity energy to the body to
achieve a specific healing result? Ultrasound, the same thing -- just a different form of energy
with a different frequency.

Volcano Pumice is a function of environmental materials, after the volcanic eruption of glass,
minerals and precious bubble formation of the porous shape.

Volcano Pumice contains sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, calcium, manganese,
titanium, iron, nickel, cobalt and molybdenum, and other dozen of mineral and trace elements,
no far infrared radiation is magnetic in the merciless after the volcanic eruption, after the years,
 that have found human beings it value of.

It helps to give human strength and energy naturally without any chemical or electrical
applications. SCALAR ENERGY is a subtle energy that can be harness to produce healing
 energy frequencies that can through while experimenting with violently abrupt direct current
electrical charges.
It is saved because the SCALAR ENERGY has existed since the beginning if time.

Usage Warnings: Persons fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin
pumps or other electro-medical devices should keep magnetic therapy products at least
18"(45cm) from the device. Do not place magnetic products in direct contact with computer
 discs, audio/video tapes and credit cards. Pregnant women should consult their health care
professional before using Scalar Energy therapy products. The information on this Web site
or in emails is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a
 substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to
 diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your pediatrician or
 family doctor. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have
regarding you or your child's condition. Informational material and representations have
 been provided by the manufacturers of the listed products. In accordance with FDA regulation
 we do not make any therapeutic claims regarding the health benefits of any Magnetic
Therapy Products.

The Benefits of Negative Ions
"Economy Daily News" - January 30, 2002
It is well known that consuming more alkaline foods, i.e. fruits and vegetables, is beneficial to human health. An acidic PH balance of the body, on the other hand, makes the body weak and susceptible to sickness. Acidification of the blood, which is caused by the loss of electrons, can be prevented by Negative Electric Ions which contains an abundant amount of electrons improving the body's immunity and resistance to illnesses. This is the reason Negative Electric Ions products are becoming more and more popular nowadays.
Metabolism, which is the process of acquiring nutrients from the blood and excreting waste out of the body, is extremely important to the human cells. The more Negatively Charged Electric Ions there are in the blood, the more efficient the cell's metabolism process.
On the contrary, the more Positively Charged Ions there are in the blood, the slower and less efficient the cell's metabolism. This causes the body's cells to become weak and the body will tend to get sick more easily and aged faster.
An experiment was conducted on electric ions and the permeability of the cell membrane. In the experiment, skin was used to exemplify the cell membrane. When positively charged ions were permeated into the surface of the skin, its pores and sweat glands began to contract. However, when Negative Electric Ions were permeated into the surface of the skin, its pores and sweat glands expanded, which demonstrates good metabolism of the cell membranes. This is phenomenon is called Prototype Plasma Membranes of Dermal Reflectivity. Dr. Arudoman of Germany also conducted a research regarding the influence of ions to the human body. He proposed the following hypothesis - Negatively Charged Ions are beneficial to the human body in four major ways:It helps to strengthen the functions of autonomic nerves, reinforces collagen (tissues that are resilient and tension-related), improves the permeability of the cell's prototype plasma membranes (improves metabolism), and strengthens the body's immune system.
The human body is surrounded by ions; therefore, the function of electrons inside and outside the cells has significant influence on the human body. It makes the body strong if good ions are taken. When the amount of Negative Electric Ions contained one c.c. of air inhaled reached 5,000 to 50,000, it strengthens the body's resistance and immunity; and when the amount of Negative Electric Ions contained in one c.c. of air reached 100,000 to 500,000, it relieves illnesses. Negatively Charged Electric Ions in our body are essential in sustaining and improving our health. Whereas 85% of the Negative Electric Ions are absorbed from our skin, only 15% is inhaled and absorbed through our lungs. (quoted from page 56 of Negatively Charged electric Ion Treatment, issued by Youth Publishing)
Negative ions are beneficial to human body in four major ways:
Reprinted from "Economy Daily News" - January 30, 2002
  • Strengthen the functions of autonomic nerves
  • Reinforces collagen (tissues that are resilient and tension-related)
  • Improves the permeability of the cell's prototype plasma membranes (improves metabolism)
  • Strengthens the body's immune system

(Note: Mitochondria can be called the "powerhouse" of the cell. Most living organisms use food and oxygen to make ATP/energy in a process called cellular respiration. Most of cellular respiration takes place inside the mitochondria)
Negative ions improve asthma and other respiratory conditions
Brought to you by Kroger. Under "Pharmacy and Health: Health Guide, Ionized Air (Negative Ions)
Negative ions Stimulate Mitochondria
by Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Moscow Region, Russia.Click here for detail
Negative ions are good for healthy breathing
by Monumental Message. Under "Health Tips: Healthy Breathing & Negative Ions"
Negative ions have a number of beneficial effects on the respiratory system.
Negative ions may decrease the severity of depressive symptoms (including the reverse neurovegetative symptoms of hypersomnia, hyperphagia, and fatigability)  Treatment of seasonal affective disorder with a high-output negative ions" from The Good Drug Guide.
Negative ion regeneration for youthfulness and longevity
by John Heinerman, Ph.D
Negative ions neutralize pollutants and provide positive effects on health to
  • Stimulate the reticulo-endothelial system, a group of defense cells in our bodies that marshal our resistance to disease
  • Act on our capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen. Negative ions in the bloodstream accelerate the delivery of oxygen to our cells and tissues
  • Speed up oxidation of seratonin (5-hydroxtryptamine) in the blood. This is well known to have far reaching effects on mood, pain relief and sexual drive.
Brought to you by Tools for Wellness
(Note: Seratonin - The chemistry of Well-Being, a neurotransmitter that helps maintain a "happy feeling" and keep our moods under control by helping with sleep, calming anxiety, and relieving depression)

How Negative Ion Affects the Human Bodies?
Dr. Robert O. Becker, pioneering researcher and author of the book, The Body Electric and Cross Currents, has established that energy system within our bodies consists of two forces, magnetism and electricity, with the electricity component consisting of low-frequency direct-current (DC) electric field. This electromagnetic energy system is affected by the earth's natural electromagnetic environment, which is normally relatively quiet, with minor rhythmic variations, but which experiences great increase in a electromagnetic charged environment.
Numerous studies have established the effect of Negative Charged Ion environment on the human body. The negative charged environment has stimulated the body's own healing mechanism in the case of of stress and specific physical problems.
Increase blood flow with resultant increased oxygen-carrying capacity, both of which are basic to help the body healing itself;
Changes in migration of calcium ions which can either bring calcium ions to heal a broken bone in half the usual time, or can help move calcium away from painful, arthritic joints;
The pH balance (acid/alkaline) of various body fluids. (Often out of balance in conjunction with illness or abnormal conditions)
Hormone production from the endocrine glands can be either increased or decreased by Negative Ion stimulation;
Altering of enzyme activity and other bio-chemical processes.
Studies Providing Effectiveness of Negative Ions:
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
A recent study by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture found that ionizing a room led to 52% less dust in the air, and 95% less bacteria in the air (since many of the pollutants found in the air reside on floating dust particles).
The USDA also performed another study to test the effectiveness of negative ionization at removing airborne Salmonella Enteritidis. The negative ions drastically reduced the airborne salmonella particles, prompting the following statement from the USDA:
"These results indicate that negative air ionization can have a significant impact on the airborne microbial load in a poultry house and at least a portion of this effect is through direct killing of the organisms."
Agriculture Research Service (of USDA)
The Agriculture Research Service of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture tested the effectiveness of ionizers for removing dust in a poultry hatchery. The dust level is very high in such an environment. In this study, the use of an ionizer resulted in dust removal efficiencies that averaged between 81.1 ~ 92.2%. The airborne transmission of salmonella (to the eggs) was also significantly reduced as a result. (Summary of Study:
Journal of Hygiene
Scientists showed that ionization reduced bacterial levels in burns and plastic surgery units by over 96% after a two week period, which results in much better and more rapid healing of patients.
Journal of Applied Microbiology
The use of negative ions was even found by scientists to reduce the presence of airborne viruses by about 40%. A study featured in the 1987 issue also showed the negative ions are free from any adverse side effects.
A 1976 study featured in this publication provided evidence that negative ions can have a biologically lethal effect on airborne micro organisms.
Journal of Hygiene
A 1979 study found that using negative ionization in the air protected chickens from airborne infection of the deadly Newcastle Disease Virus.
Journal of Food Protection
A 2001 study found that airborne negative ionization was highly effective at destroying airborne and surface salmonella.
University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Romania)
A test on male rats showed that just moderate levels of negative ions increased the resistance of the rats, reducing or eliminating the effect of some chemicals. (Summary of study:
Effect of Negative Ions on Drivers
A study by Toyota Central R & D Labs, Inc. found that negative ions can improve fatigue and cognition of drivers. (Copy of study - PDF File
Negative Charged Ions are Effective in Treating Cancer (Cited from High-Voltage Treatment published by Youth Publishing)
In 1950, Dr. Haskell applied Negatively Charged Ions to patients of Hypertension. Amazingly, Negative Ions were proven to have a positive effect in lowering one's blood pressure, while no beneficial effects were observed with Positive Ions. Negative Ions are also effective against influenza, asthma and especially bronchial disease. Another study done by the University of Frankfurt involved a "Cancer Team" in order to further study the physical effects of Negative Ions to cancer cells. Different types of cancer cells were transfused into the bodies of mice. In order to have a base of comparison, one group of mice were put into a negative ion environment each day while the other group remained untouched. As a result, the mice in the negative ion environment lived, on average, for 59 days, while the mice that were untreated lived no longer than 34 days. The mice from the experimental team lived 25 days longer; some even lived as long as 80 days! The experiment's result confirm the effectiveness of Negative Ions in treating cancer.
Other Negative Ion Studies:Penn State University Graduate School of Architectural Engineering & Dept. of Biology
"Negative Air Ions Stimulate Mitochondria" Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Moscow Region, Russia.
Other Negative Ion BenefitsAsthma, Allergies, and other Respiratory Problems and Illnesses. Many scientific studies have been conducted over the years (mostly in Europe and Russia) showing how exposure to high levels of negative ions drastically or significantly reduce asthma and allergy symptoms, as well as respiratory-related illness.
Studies have also shown a link between negative ion treatment and benefits for the following:
Migraine Headaches
Inhaling negative ions regulates the production of serotonin inside the brain. The overproduction of serotonin inside the brain is the cause of migraine headaches.
A study at Columbia University suggested that negative ion treatment is more effective than anti-depressant drugs such as Prozac and Zolof, and there are no side effects with negative ions.
The overproduction of serotonin (chemical produced inside the brain) also causes fatigue, and negative ions regulate the production of serotonin inside the brain.
A study in France found that negative ionizers helped people to sleep better, by regulating the production of the chemical serotonin in the brain.
Mental Performance and Concentration
Several tests have shown people exposed to negative ion treatment perform much better in mentally-oriented activities than those who are not.
Physical Performance
Due to test results performed by Russian scientists, negative ionizers were always installed in the locker rooms and resting places for the Russian athletes.
Studies performed in one hospital found that burn patients were far more likely to recover more quickly and thoroughly.

Negative Ions for Alternative Ideals in Health, Science, and Medicine
The article in Alternative Ideas in Health, Science, and Spirituality ( concluded that
  1. Negative ions ACCELERATE the oxidative degradation of serotonin whereas Positive ions have the opposite action and inactive the enzymes which break down serotonin.
  2. An INCREASE in the serotonin level (5-hydroxytryptamine) produces:
    • tachycardia,
    • a rise in blood pressure,
    • bronchospasm going as far as asthma attack,
    • increased intestinal peristalsis (contractions and dilations of the intestines to move the contents onwards),
    • increased sensitivity to pain,
    • increased aggression.
  3. A DECREASE in the serotonin level is calming and increasing defenses against infections (as proven with influenza 'the flu').
  4. Negative ions produce an INCREASE in hemoglobin/oxygen affinity so that the partial oxygen pressure in the blood rises but the partial carbon dioxide pressure decreases.
This results in reducing respiratory rate and enhancing the metabolism of water-soluble vitamins.
In addition, negative ions produce an INCREASE in PH and, in particular, an INCREASE in the secretory performance of the mucosa with an INCREASE in cilliary movement in the airways.

How Germanium,Titanium,Non-rusting Magnet,Minus Ion Work
A. HOW YOU FEEL PAINThere is no such thing as pain if it doesn’t reach the brain. When a pain impulse is initiated, it must reach the brain to be determined as pain. Our illustration to the right exemplifies this concept.

The nerve impulse is carried to the brain in a manner that is similar to the flow of electricity along a wire. Simplified, the pain impulse is transmitted to the brain via a flow of positively charged magnetic particles called ions.

There are several ways to block the transmission of the pain impulse to the brain. One is the use of an anesthetic block. A second is the use of drugs which act on the hypothalamus of the brain to dull the pain. The third is the use of Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion Therapy to impede the flow of the nerve impulse.

By placing a highly powerful negative magnetic field over the nerve, the magnetically, positively charged ions will be attracted to the negative magnetic field, thus impeding the flow of the positively charged ions along the nerves to the brain. Of course, some of the positive ions will escape, thereby allowing continued sensation. However, our research reveals that the longer the magnets are in place over the affected site, the more effective the negative magnetic field will become, Thus, the longer the product is used, the more effective it becomes.

B. ABOUT GERMANIUMGermanium allows anion(outer electronic) to be fast absorbed in the body in case of being touched the skin, due to its semiconductor attribute,and functions as incrersing the vitality of skin. Also, incase of entering the inside of the body,it is discharged outside the body within20~30 hours together with harmful substance, thus there is no poisoning or side effdct at all.

If a particle of germanium comes to contact with the skin of a person, the semiconductor attribute enters the inside of skin tissuce due to the osmometry activity of outer electronic. Germanium, which infiltrated up into the capillary vessel inside the subcutis, moves the electronic in the blood wall, normalizes the blood due to the function of purifying blood, and allows a pain to be avoided by discharging the excessively electronic flow.

C. ABOUT TITANIUMTitanium has the most bio-friendly characteristic among all metals such as the resistance to physiologically rejection rejection phenomenon of body fluids,as well as high intensity and lowly modulus of elasticity.lts weight is light compared to iron and has no allergy or virulence enough to be used for medical equipment,thus being a metal that is excellent in bio-appropriateness and has specially electrical characteristic.

A role of titanium is in increasing conductibility of anion and far-infrared that occur in the added raw ore,thereby having faster influence on the human body.
D. ABOUT MAGNETSMagnetic strength is measured in gauss. The higher the gauss rating, the stronger and more effective the magnet will be. Magnets can be compared to light bulbs. 40 watt bulbs do not shine as brightly as 100 watt bulbs. The same is true of magnets, the higher the gauss, the stronger the magnet will be.

The magnetic field has the ability to penetrate through the skin. Correspondingly, different magnets have different depths of penetration through the skin.

Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion cannot simply be placed indiscriminately over an affected site. It must be placed so that they can reach the affected nerves. The placement over the affected site, and the material in which the Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion are placed are what make our products so unique and effective. Most products on the market do not take these factors into consideration.

Our products are carefully and scientifically prepared. Using the anatomy book to carefully document the position and course of the affected nerve, then carefully places the Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion in the scientifically appropriate position. In addition, the depth of the nerve is carefully measured and the appropriate magnet is used in that area. That is why we strategically place a considerable number of Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion in our products. Lastly, we use the highest quality neoprene available to add additional support to our products.

F. OUR PRODUCTS ARE THE BEST AVAILABLE1. It is the only magnet product with Germanium, Titanium,Non-Rusting Magnet,Minus Ion.
2. All products have ions strategically and anatomically placed by Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion to maximize proper placement, polarity, position, penetration and power.
3. Only our products contain and use Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion for maximum pain control.
4. Our products maximize comfort and pain relief.
Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion also have been scientifically proven to have a profound effect on a basic cellular level. It has been demonstrated that they increase circulation to the area within the magnetic field. They increase tissue phosphorylization, which aids in fibroblast proliferation and the healing of tissue. It increases the level of alkaline phosphatase at fracture sites, which expedites healing of fractures. It affects the membranes of red blood cells, decreasing rouleaux formation and increasing oxygenation of tissue. There are a multitude of other salutary effects of Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion on a basic cellular level, which are just beginning to be appreciated. So, although Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion themselves do not heal an injury, they increase circulation to the affected area, thereby helping the body to heal more quickly.

Veterinarians have been using Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion to help alleviate pain and swelling in horses. Recently, a group of advanced orthopedic surgeons have begun to use Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion on fracture sites to expedite the healing of some of the more difficult fractures.


Strengthens the body's biofied preventing electro-magnetic waves (EMF) arising from mobile phones from effecting one's health 

Reduces inflammation 

Enhance energy level for endurance and speed - particularly for long distance drivers 

Improves the exercise recovery rate 

Reduces jet lag on long flights and shorten recovery time after landing 

Reduces motion sickness 

Enhances fluid and energy circulation

Enhances immune and endocrine systems Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria 

Facilitates delivery of nutrients to cells and detoxification of toxins 

Enhances cellular permeability 

Assist and strengthen your resilience and resistance to the effects of stress. 

Helps to protect DNA from damage 

Helps to retard the aging process 

Helps to fight reverse existing cancer cells 

Strengthens the body’s biofield  

Promotes mental balance, alertness and clarity  

Heals Strengthens And Protects Mind Body And Soul 

Balances And Enhances The Biophysical Energy Field 

Promotes a Sense of Balance and Centeredness 

Promotes Feelings of Love Joy Peace and Happiness 

Helps You Become Relaxed Harmonious Peaceful and Calm 

Neutralizes Disharmonious or Negative Energies 

Clears Negative Energies of Cosmic or Telluric Origin 

Helps To Releases Blockages or Stagnant Energy 

Awakens and Enhances Psychic and Healing Abilities Ideal for Healers, Light workers and Channelers 

Expands Consciousness and Awareness

Diminishes Fatigue and Tiredness 

Enhances Physical Strength and Stamina 

Improves Sleep 

Has anti-stress and anti-depressant properties 

Reduce stress and effect of E-smog 

Retards Aging 

Neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation and pollution 

Energizes Food and Water 

Stimulates the Third Eye Chakra Improving Intuition and Creativity  

Empowers Meditation and Prayer 

Increases Synchronicity 

Enhances Manifesting Abilities Assists Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming

Beneficial For Pets Animals and Plants  

Extends shelf life of fruits, vegetables and even your flowers 

Enhances the flavor of food, juice & wine

Eliminate the tar content of cigarettes.
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